Why switching to Word Press is a good idea

Well, in the nearly 2 years that I had blogspot I got a whopping 834 hits (the majority mine from logging on and going through the blogroll, etc).  

Since I switched over to WordPress last week (4/29/08), I have already had more than half the number of hits I got on blogspot at 637 hits and 79 hits just today (not bad for starting out I suppose)!  SO, if you are even contemplating switching, DO IT!  Bye Bye blogspot! 

Wipf and Stock sale books

Wipf and Stock has a feature where one can download a pdf. file listing of sale books that are “blemish” books and the prices are reduced 60% – have you seen it?  Here is what they say: 

At the beginning of each month, we post a list of books available from our “blem” (blemished) inventory. Blemished books either have damage from mail returns or they contain typos or production errors. All titles from this list are limited and available on a first come, first served basis and are eligible for a 60% discount when ordered directly via phone, fax, or email. When contacting Customer Service, please indicate that you are ordering from our “Blem” Inventory List. Please note that sales from our “blem” inventory are final and non-returnable. 

So I looked at the list… it’s 21 pages.  There is a lot on there but there is some good deals!  Such as: 

Barth, Karl Witness to the Word was $21.00 blem is $8.40

Brunner, Emil Natural Theology was $17.00 blem is $6.80 

Caird, G. B.  Principalities and Powers: A Study in Pauline Theology was $16.00 blem is $6.40

France, R. T. Matthew was $35.00 blem is $14.00 

Gorman, Michael J. Reading Paul was $22.00 blem is $8.80 

Larkin, William J. Culture and Biblical Hermeneutics was $38.00 blem is $15.20

Mare, W. Harold Mastering New Testament Greek was $27.00 blem is $10.80

Marshall, I. Howard New Testament Interpretation was $42.00 blem is $16.80

Walston, Ric The Speaking in Tongues Controversy was $25.00 blem is $10.00