Posts about tongues

I guess my two posts about Dr McGee’s book Initial Evidence and my review of John Sherill’s They Speak with Other Tongues started a worldwide conversation!  Peter Kirk started some posts spinning off mine and it has gone from the UK, to Canada, to Africa and beyond!  

Here is Peter’s first blog about Should all Christians speak in tongues? Which then leads to a blog discussing being filled with the Spirit not emotionalism, then he notes Two Anglican priests’ thoughts on charismatic experience.  In these post he refers to Tim Chesterton’s testimonies about receiving the Holy Spirit and the issue of fear in letting certain spiritual gifts be expressed in his church.  Sam Norton also talks about Charismatic worship and speaking in tongues.  Finally David Ker posts on glossolalia an experience in Africa.  Hey the conversation is even picking up at Tubigen in Germany with Chris Tillings comments about a book called Post Charismatic? and a rebuke to Peter Kirk through a word of tongues and interpretation.  Even Nick has some thoughts

All that to say it seems there is another possible Brownsville style revival going on in the Lakeland, Florida area.  See here for more.  

See Pentecostalism really is a global movement!