Finally, Free Books!

Not that I need any more books, but I followed Nicks advice and filled out a form on Crossway Publisher’s website to review a couple books I was interested in and a gal wrote me back wanting to know how I would publish my reviews, I said on my blog and gave her the link.  She wrote back and said no problem glad to send them and so this morning (early, 6:30am) on the way to work I nearly tripped on a box from crossway sitting right at the door!  I kinda freaked for a moment – a fear came over me a bit since I knew now I would have to be sure to read them and write up the reviews, publish them and notify the gal at Crossway. So which two books did I get – well, they have a lot, and honestly not a lot I necessarily want per se, but some did interest me.  The first is: 

 A Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy: Three Essential Books in One Volume (The God Who Is There, Escape from Reason, and He Is There and He Is Not Silent). (Crossway, 1990).  

Why did I want to get this?  Well, first off, it’s Francis Schaeffer, if I have the opportunity why would I not get one of his works?  Secondly, he writes a mix of theology, philosophy, apologetics, cultural analysis, and the like, and with a strong pastoral concern, he cares. He was also addressing issues of postmodernism long before other people even knew what it was – his stuff is classic. Everyone should really think about reading his some of his stuff – if not just to read it.  

The second is: 

David R. Helm. 1 and 2 Peter and Jude: Sharing Christ’s Sufferings.  (Crossway, 2008).  Crossway is publishing a Preaching the Word Commentary Series and I was curious about it – so I asked for it – it looks good and has good endorsements – plus it was free.  Also, I have an interest in 2 Peter and Jude (I also have Bauckham’s WBC work on the same), so, I am interested to get into it and seeing how Helm works the texts.  I am expecting it to be a bit Reformed (as are many books put out by Crossway) but that is fine, if it is good, I might check out some others.  If it is too much then I’ll just stick with this one for now.  

Well, off to reading, I’ve got a lot to do!  Blessings!