Senator Kennedy’s brain tumor

I’ll be honest, I am not too keen on Senator Edward Kennedy – but it is disheartening to hear he has a brain tumor – right now it is cast as malignant glioma – but this is only an initial diagnosis – what kind of tumor it is specifically can be found through a biopsy.  The sad thing is, I am willing to bet it is more than is realized – well, let’s put it this way, it’s big enough that it caused a seizure.  He hasn’t had another yet, so it may not be too bad but I am pessimistic by nature.  

My older brother David died last July 8th of a brain tumor (gliomatosis cerebri) and it was a long hard road to go down in coming to his impending death.  Only about 5% or less of people survive these types of tumors (of the glioma types – most common in adults).  I pray the Lord will some how comfort the Kennedy family as they go through this process – yes, I know he is not dead yet, its just the prognosis of a tumor doesn’t leave much room for hope oftentimes.  I pray God’s grace will be upon Senator Kennedy and his family.  

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