on blogging

there are several bloggers talking about ways to cut back the seemingly time consuming task of blogging (be it writing a blog, reading other blogs, commenting on one’s own blog or other blogs, etc).  

so I have one possible suggestion and this is something I too am planning to impose on myself. so here goes…

it’s good that i comes before e except of course after c.  

so, I suggest “Bible before belly and/or blogging.”

this means no blogging before one has spent time with the Lord in Bible reading and prayer (yes, I mean daily.  cf Luke 9:23).  

isn’t it said of Luther that he was so busy throughout the day that he had no choice but to spend three hours a day with the Lord?  

I think this is one means of curbing internet usage.  

now, if you already do this then of course extreme situations call for extreme measures.  

consider fasting from blogging for a time – one person is working on blogging every other day or so – have a few days a week where one fasts from blogging.  

That’s my suggestion.  

ps: here is a good discussion on doing daily devotions.  


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