The New NLT Study Bible

I posted on the forthcoming ESV Study Bible a while back but today I just discoverd an NLT Study Bible is forthcoming as well and it looks really great!  It is due out September 15, 2008, just in time for school!

There are some side bars where you can check out the General Editor’s blog, features of the Bible, Comparisons and the like.  Unfortunately, unless I am ignorant of Firefox, with Firefox you can only view the first page of the pdf file -but on Safari you can see the pdf without having to find another way to download it.

It has some really awesome features!  As a Pastor, I really wish people who have this Study Bible or another would actually read it and use it.  (If I were pastoring a big church, this would be the Bible I would give any highschool or college graduates as presents and also, if I could I’d be sure my Sunday School Teachers had access to this Study Bible!)  It is these kinds of resources the empower and build up the church to do works of service in both the church and the world.  While nothing is perfect or infallible except Scripture itself, the resources this Study Bible provides goes far beyond anything most people would engage in, but it is awesome stuff.  I would use it myself if I had one since there is so much good material.  The NLTSB site has 21 pages of Genesis on its site so you can see the look and feel of what is coming out.

Obviously it is not necessarily intended for Sunday morning service usage (though for some it is fine) – its too big and the notes would distract from the preaching which needs to be heard.  But, it is awesome for personal reading and study, for group study and whatever classes are going on in the church or even at a Christian school or University and even Seminary.

Each book seems to have a lot of information packed into it: Introductory notes, summaries, authorship issues, outlines, running outlines, illustrations, timelines, maps, visual aids, setting (socio-historical context), study notes, theme notes, person profiles, epigraphs, references for further reading, chronology notes, meaning and message notes.  The features go on and on and on.  It might seem overwhelming at first but it would be like having your own mini church library in one book!

Really, it is something to consider.

The NLT also has its own website and just recently started a blog! Check them out! I will be adding the NLT Blog to my blogroll, you should too!

Some thought the ESV Study Bible would have no equal.  They are wrong!  Way wrong!

Theology Closeout

Have you all seen the latest update on Christianbook’s Theology Closeout section? It looks like they have some good deals such as:

Bartholomew, et al. After Pentecost: Language and Biblical Interpretation (Zondervan 2001), $9.99

Bartholomew, et al. Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation (Zondervan, 2004), $6.99

Joel B. Green, et al. Reading Luke: Interpretation, Reflection, Formation (Zondervan, 2005), $16.99

Brevard S. Childs. Biblical Theology: A Proposal (Augsburg Fortress, 2002), $1.49

Paul Gardner. Fanning the Flame: Bible, Cross, and Mission (Zondervan, 2003), $1.99

Here is the rest of the list.