Theology of the Second Exodus

Have you all heard the idea of the second Exodus?  The what?  The second Exodus.  Well, if there was a second Exodus, there must have been a first, right?  The first Exodus is chronicled in the book of Exodus where the people of Israel had been living in bondage and slavery to the Egyptians for the last 400+ years (cf. Gen 15:13-14).  Then, when it was all just too much the Israelites cried out to God and he heard their cry.  In response he sent Moses to them to deliver them from Egypt, the land of slavery (cf. Deut 5:6).  With and outstretched and a mighty hand God delivered Israel from slavery to the Egyptians and eventually led them into the promised land.

If that was the first Exodus, then when was the second Exodus?  At just the right time, God sent his Son into the world…. It began with the birth of Christ and was completed in and through Christ’s work on the cross and resurrection from the dead. We see the “exodus” nature of Christ’s ministry on earth most profoundly on the cross.  It is through Christ work on the cross that he led the people of God out of slavery to sin and the power of death.  One indicator of the exodus nature of Jesus’ ministry can be seen at the transfiguration when Jesus was talking with Moses and Elijah they were discussing his soon coming “εξοδον” which was to be completed in Jerusalem (cf. Luke 9:31). We can also bring in the fact that Joseph had to take Mary and Jesus into Egypt for a time and bring him out again (Matt 2:13-14; 19-23) as help to establish the exodus nature of Jesus’ ministry.  There are also several passages in Isaiah that foretell of the coming deliverance the Messiah would bring (see esp the prophecies of the Servant of the Lord beginning at Isa 42 running through at least Isa 53).

What is the nature of the second exodus? Whereas the first Exodus was a physical deliverance of the people of Israel from slavery to the Egyptians, the second Exodus was a spiritual deliverance of the people of God from slavery to sin and the power of death.  Through the cross and resurrection every believer has been set free from slavery to sin because “It was for freedom the Christ has set us free” (Gal 5:1) (see also Romans 6).  In completing the second Exodus, Jesus Christ was able to complete the work Moses was unable to do: bring God’s people into true and lasting freedom.  Thus our promised land is one of true and lasting freedom from sin and hence the ability to truly live as God has called us to live.  There are tremendous implications to this idea of the second Exodus.   With this spiritual freedom we can now live out more fully his purposes for our lives as the people of God and in extending the Kingdom of God.

The question remains will we follow Jesus into the new promised land of freedom that he has guaranteed us or will we hold back and grumble like the Israelites did to Moses and thus extend the fulfillment of God’s intents and purpose for our lives and delay accomplishing his mission in the world?

It’s up to you.

(I guess no one is reading this post because it had all kinds of errors and typos…).


24 responses to “Theology of the Second Exodus

  1. Interesting thought, but I’m not sure where it is found in the scriptures. Yes, Jesus does talk about HIS coming exodus, but I don’t recall off the top of my head about a second exodus.

    The parameters are there, but do they grow out of the texts?

    Just curious

  2. Well, it is a motif. I’ll have to go back through it to give it better support from the Bible itself. I was mainly getting the idea of how I see it posted. Some see the second Exodus as God bringing the Jews back to Israel from out exile citing Isa 40 and its exodus and shepherding (v11) and wilderness imagery. Guys like John Haggee think the second exodus relates to God bringing the people of Israel out of the nations and back to Israel (citing similar verses in Isaiah, esp 56: 6-11). I see these points but I think it is more on spiritual terms than on physical ones.

    But I think with verses like John 6:36 where Jesus is the true bread come down from Heaven, as compared to Moses, Luke 4:18-19 where Jesus comes to bring healing and freedom, Mark 6:34 where Jesus has compassion on the people as sheep without a shepherd, hint at Exodus language and a leading through the wilderness imagery that Jesus came to bring true and lasting freedom to Israel. Freedom of a spiritual kind.

    His role as the suffering lamb reflects this as well since the paschal lamb protected the people from their own sins as God brought judgment on Egypt – Jesus protects us from our own sins from the coming wrath of God against, evil, wickedness and injustice in the world, etc. And I think Luke use of exodus in his account of the transfiguration since that it reflects the exodus as Jesus’s role as the paschal lamb on the cross.

    Perhaps this motif can even be reflected in the final part of Luke (24:50) where Jesus “led the people out..”}

    He came to set us free from our captivity to sin and the power of death.

    I hope this helps somewhat.

    • Hello Brian. I think there is a second Exodus, but it is primarily from earth the Heaven, the term exodus essentially means that we must be ‘going’ somewhere, us who are alive and believe will go from earth to the heavenly sanctuary. “Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive…” Eph 4:8. This is an Exodus, I would call it ‘The Real Exodus’ since the first exodus was but a shadow and type of the reality.

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  4. This is the first I have heard anyone call what Jesus did on the cross a “Second Exodus”. However the way you have presented it here I can agree. Can you tell me how the Jews that still reject that Jesus is the Messiah view the Second Exodus? That could be dangerous for them as they could look to the Anti-Christ for deliverance!

  5. “….Some see the second Exodus as God bringing the Jews back to Israel from out exile ….”

    No, all 12 tribes are in exile of which “the Jews” are but one(1) tribe.

    “…Whereas the first Exodus was a physical deliverance of the people of Israel from slavery to the Egyptians, the second Exodus was a spiritual deliverance…”

    What if you are wrong about this “spiritual” deliverance? Where would the “rest” find themselves if the Father removes His bride from the Nations physically?

    Are we not all supposed to be grafted into the one(1) olive tree as Paul states? Or is there another tree Christians are grafted into?

    • The Second Exodus was a spiritual Exodus from the sin and death of the Old Covenant. It started with the crucifixion of Christ in 30 AD who was the Passover lamb of the New Covenant and ended with the Judgement of Jerusalem in 70 AD. In 70 AD it was the unbelieving Old Covenant Jews who were judged. But a remnant of believers in Christ were saved in 70 AD and they went on to establish the spiritual Israel or the Church and the New Covenant was consummated. Look at the number of years it took: from 30 AD to 70 AD. 40 years. The same length of time as the 1st Exodus. Christ brought the New Covenant Jews out of the bondage of the Old Covenant, which was known as the ministration of sin and death, and into the New Covenant of grace and faith.

  6. As I see it/read my Bible……. Pagans following pagan traditions will not be part of the Bride of the true Jewish Messiah.

    The Greek Messiah with his Greek feast-days[called holli-days not Holy-days] simply is not Biblical.

    Read Ephesians 2 and Acts 15 and Romans 11 to see who the Bride will be.

    • You still don’t get it? The 2nd Exodus was from 30 AD to 70 AD when the Jews were coming out of the bondage of the Old Covenant. 70 AD was the judgement of the unbelieving Jews who were killed by the Roman sword and those Jews who accepted Christ became the new Israel along with the gentiles who were grafted in to the new spiritual Israel or Church. The new Covenant was consummated in 70 AD and if you outside of the church you are not in the Covenant with God.

      • Andy, do you understand Hebrew circular reasoning or do you only understand Greek linear reasoning?

        What does the following say to you? …> Ecc 1:9

        (cjb) What has been is what will be, what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.

        (HNV) That which has been is that which shall be; and that which has been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

    • It’s unbelievable that after 2000 years you are still waiting for a new Covenant with house of Israel. The Church IS the TRUE Israel. It’s the spiritual Israel with Jews who accepted Christ with gentiles grafted in. This happened in 70 AD. The bride you speak of was when the marriage was consummated in 70 AD when Jews who escaped the Tribulation in Jerusalem established the church. This marriage is Hebraic symbolism. The feast days we have today are part of the new Covenant. There were plenty of traditions in the old Covenant. We don’t live in the old Testament like you because you’re a fake Christian. Since 70 AD Christ “married” His Church and if you are outside His Church then you are the PAGAN boy!

      • “….because you’re a fake Christian…”

        Nope, I am even disgusted by you thinking that I am a christian with their god telling them it is ok to discard of the Creator of the Universes rules and instructions.

      • “…It’s the spiritual Israel with Jews who accepted Christ with gentiles grafted in…”

        Yip, the new romans 11 christs-mass tree. Lol

    • The Israelites in Romans 11 were those believing Jews in Christ who escaped the Tribulation in Jerusalem in 70 AD and through the missionary work of St.Paul had the gentiles grafted in. This was the hope of Israel, to be a light to the gentiles. But it wasn’t Old Covenant Israel that was the light. It was Christ and if you are in the Church that Christ established then you are in Israel. Do you understand now. It sounds like you are in this “Hebrew Israelite” cult. Revelation says “come out of her my people”. You need to come out of the old Covenant and be spiritually born again (baptised) and then you will be in Christ, the new Israel, or His Church.

    • By Hebrew circular reasoning I take it you’re waiting for history to repeat itself. This is what the dispensationalists in the US are doing. They are waiting for the restored Roman empire, a restored temple, another antiChrist, another army to destroy the temple, the Messiah to return, etc.etc.etc. It’s not going to happen. The Bible speaks of something called “types and shadows”. The Old Testament was the type and shadow of the things to come in the New Testament and they were fullfilled in the New Testament.
      The Old Covenant has come to an end. You haven’t got a temple in Jerusalem anymore. How can there be an Old Covenant without a temple. There never will be a temple because the geneological records were destroyed in 70 AD, so there can never be a Levitical priesthood, which means there can be no temple. Unless of course the Khazar Israelis (fake Jews) in Palestine want to build a temple for tourism so they can make a bit of money.
      Remember what Jesus said to Caiaphas about “coming on the clouds of heaven”. This was fulfilled in 70 AD. Christians are waiting to see Jesus floating on a cloud up in the sky, but if you’re into Hebraic symbolism then I don’t have to tell you what the clouds of heaven mean.

  7. Andy, you said/wrote:>

    “..It’s unbelievable that after 2000 years you are still waiting for a new Covenant with house of Israel..”

    “….By Hebrew circular reasoning I take it you’re waiting for history to repeat itself…”

    Now please explain…., if history as you reason has passed…, why then is there no “church” denomination mentioned on the gates of the coming GREAT CITY as mentioned in the book Revelation…, but ONLY the names of the twelve tribes?

    Rev 21:12(HNV) having a great and high wall; having twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels; and names written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.

    Where do you and your christian “church” fit into this coming future GREAT CITY ?

    • The Church is mentioned throughout the Septuagent (Greek Old Testament). What was going on at the time when Revelation was written (under the reign of Nero)? Jerusalem was about to be demolished by the Romans. After 70 AD a new “heveanly” Jerusalem was to symbolically come down from heaven and take the place of the Jerusalem which was called the Whore of Babylon in Revelation because they became apostate. The new spiritual Jerusalem was to be made up of those Jews from the 12 tribes who accepted Jesus as their Messiah along with the gentiles who were “grafted” in by the mission of St.Paul. This spiritual Jerusalem is the Church. You are making the mistake of waiting for all these things to happen in the future when they have already been fulfilled. Revelation is a highly symbolic book which should not be taken literally. Who do you think put Revelation in the Bible cannon. It was the Greeks, even though they never wanted it because they didn’t like the Hebraic symbolism in the book. The Latins never wanted the book of Hebrews but a compromise was reached and they were both put in.
      Have you heard of preterism (all things fulfilled in 70 AD)? Please listen to this video from one of your brothers:

      • “…made up of those Jews from the 12 tribes…”

        You know your bible? >>Jews are but ONE tribe, of the 12 tribes.

  8. Andy,
    What are you doing here on a blog discussion about a “old testament” idea ”

    “Theology of the Second Exodus” is only found in the “old testament”.


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