poor man’s mocha

ever had one?

2-3 tsp chocolate syrup (Hersey’s?)

or a packet of hot chocolate

1/2 cup milk (half the coffee cup)

the rest coffee



the best part?  it is free! (er, well, maybe just low cost  😉 )

(feel free to adjust the recepie to your liking).


8 responses to “poor man’s mocha

  1. That would be cafe con leche con chocolate (plus appropriate accent marks and word for chocolate). A “mocha” would technically be cappuccino with some chocolate syrup. Cappuccino is basically 2/3 frothed milk with 1/3 espresso but Starbucks will have a higher milk ratio.

    Jeff, the anal retentive home coffee roaster

  2. I took is as a joke. And you can enjoy your coffee however you like and call it whatever you want no matter what us highminded people may say.

    I see you’re not into the gender-inclusive language thing.
    joking again

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