Mark Strauss on the ESV Translation of the Bible

Over at the Better Bibles Blog, Wanye Layman, is posting in parts Mark Strauss’s paper critiquing the ESV translation of the Bible. 

The paper is titled: Why the English Standard Version (ESV) should not become the standard English version.

Mark Strauss, co-authored, How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth: A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions, with supreme NT exegete, Gordon Fee, a book I have not read, but need to get, and that many enthusiastically recommend to those interested in better understanding Bible translations.

Since the paper is too long to put up in one post, it is being put out in parts.

Part I – Prelininary comments.             Part II – “oops” translations.    

Part III – idioms missed in the ESV.      Part IV – ESV Lexical Errors and Problems.   

Part V – exegetical errors in the ESV.    Part VI – Collocational Clashes in the ESV

Part VII – ESV Archaisms                  Part VIII – Inconsistent Gender-Language in the ESV

Part IX – Awkward and Unnatural Style in the ESV    Part X – Word order Problems

Part XI –  Run-on Sentences and Tortured English    Part XII – Mistranslated Genitives

Part XIII – Conclusion

Bill Mounce responds to Mark Strauss on ESV

Updated 12/15/08: You can get the full length article on PDF here.

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