my daughter’s birthday today!

Today is the 10th and it is my daughter Mercy’s birhtday!  She is two and lots of her friends here at the canyon are coming over (she has more friends than we do)!  So it should be fun! 

We named her Mercy Nevaeh.  Neveah is heaven spelled backwards.  She came at a time our family needed a little mercy from heaven.  My older brother David was dying of brain cancer and Mercy had that role of helping our family move forward to the future in hope as we had move on from the passing of my brother Dave.  Fortunately, he was albe to see her and he loved her, deeply.  He also blessed her.  So, not to get all over spiritual but Mercy’s coming into our family had special timing!

Be blessed!

ps: I forgot to add that Mercy is going to be a big sister in August!  Well, I guess she is already, but that is when it will be for real!

9 responses to “my daughter’s birthday today!

  1. We just had a big 3 birthday and a 5 is looming in the next few weeks.

    My “Flicka” was 11 months old when we lost my BIL David – a non-smoker and marathon runner – to lung cancer. Her 1st birthday party was less than a week after the funeral. It was a mercy to us all to celebrate her little life so soon after mourning our loss.

    Then, “Pojke” was born almost a year to the day after the funeral and carries his uncle’s middle name as his first name. God’s timing of it all made us all smile.

    Blessings to your little Mercy!

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