aGts now has its own PhD program

From the AG Website:

agts_logoDr. Byron Klaus, president of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, announced that the seminary has recently been approved to offer the Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, beginning with the start of the June 2009 semester.

The newly approved Ph.D. is the third doctoral degree to be offered by AGTS, following the Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) and the Doctor of Missiology.  However, the Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies is the first independently offered Ph.D. by any AG educational institution.

“A Ph.D. is the standard of doctoral excellence,” Klaus states. “To have achieved that is a significant feat, and it demonstrates the commitment of AGTS to excellence in graduate theological education.”

Klaus explains that the degree’s focus will be on equipping missiologists for research, teaching and missional praxis (putting skills/ideas into action) in an increasingly complex multicultural world.  It will also give “credible voice” to scholar practitioners, missionaries and national leaders.

According to Klaus, AGTS has historically been connected to resourcing the missionary endeavors of AG World Missions, beginning back with the late AGWM Director Philip Hogan.  “And here, 35 years later,” Klaus notes, “the same kind of commitment is being displayed at the very highest possible level.”

Although the letter from the accrediting agency only arrived this past Tuesday, Klaus says that there is no shortage of interest.  AG missionaries, missionaries from other Pentecostal organizations as well as international students are greatly interested in this new degree.  “This Ph.D. is a respected degree throughout the world,” Klaus says, “and it will aid missionaries in obtaining visas to other countries.”

AGTS is located in Springfield, Missouri, and is accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association (  Additionally, AGTS is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada ( .

To learn more about the new Ph.D., contact Dr. Delonn Rance or Dr. Warren Newberry at 1-800-467-AGTS (2487) or send an e-mail to  For more information about AGTS, see its Web site.

As the article says, this is the first independent PhD program in any of the Assemblies of God Schools – and reflects the missionary heart of the Assemblies of God (as does having the Doctor of Missiology program), which is as it has been from the begining of its inception in 1914!  This is a great move for the Seminary and for the Assemblies of God.

6 responses to “aGts now has its own PhD program

  1. Jeremiah – don’t be silly… of course not.

    Sheryl – it’s enticing but they are pretty preferential to those in an actual missionary context. It would take some work to convince them of our situation. Besides, at this point I am still just too indecisive about how to move forward with education.

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