New Book Giveaway! (now closed)

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Bitsy Griffin over at Jack of all trades,  is giving away a copy of Ravi Zacharias’ The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives

 Here are the giveaway rules:

  • Reply to [her] post letting [her] know you want to be entered.
  • This is just a plain old drawing – names in a hat. One will be drawn.
  • Your name can be added a second time by posting this info on your blog.
  • All entering must have a USA mailing address, and the book will be mailed by USPS Media Mail.
  • Contest begins immediately and will continue through midnight on Sunday March 22nd (EST).
  • [She’ll] draw Monday when [she] get[s] home from school.

Looks great for sermon material.  It’s a key area of discipleship – helping people understand how God shapes usand forms us into the image of his Son Jesus Christ!   Count me in! 

Scot McKnight on Eschatology

Scot McKnight has done a series (5 posts) this week on the future of Christian eschatology and in his concluding post, he writes in part:

And now I feel like a lion in a den of Daniels, but I want to appeal to one major point: no Bible-saturated contemporary of Jesus thought when the Messiah came he would be as Jesus was. So I suspect anything we “think” will happen only glimpses what really will happen. Most who speak of the Second Coming “know more than they should” and it is that kind of knowledge I’d like to push back behind the veil of mystery by saying what I have above. He will return, but what will that return look like? I suspect everyone will be surprised. We should anticipate both what traditionalists have anticipated and a lot more.


The bold is his bold marks.  I agree with McKnight here.  This is part of the reason too why I really have issues with some sectors of the dispensational movement because it wants to come across as all cut and dry as though we can know exactly how things are going to happen.  The “Left Behind” tragedy is one example of this kind of thinking.  Truth be told, while Jesus does tell us we can know the signs of his coming, there is just know way to know exactly how it will all come about.  I agree with MecKnight – the final act is going to be a lot more than we probably bargained for!

What say you?