talking about the Trinity

Dr. Derek Vreeland talks about the Trinity.

an excerpt:

Why do you think modern Christians aren’t so interested in the Trinity?

I think it is because many Christians in the United States are more interested in seeking God’s hand than seeking his face. They want to know, “What can God do for me?” Instead of “Who is this God?”

Michael Horton in Christless Christianity calls this “moralistic, therapeutic deism.”
Moralistic: people want to be better people, better husbands, fathers, employees.
Therapeutic: We want to feel better; we want God to give us goose bumps on Sunday morning
Deism: God is the maker of heaven and earth, but he has no contact or interaction with his creation

Many who claim to be followers of Christ don’t want to take the time to seek God’s face in a serious way.

And for churches like yours and mine…we are hip, young, cool, and contemporary…we want to know what God is doing now…we don’t have much interest in knowing what God has done in the first couple hundred years of the church.

I would like to add that US American Christians lack interest in the doctrine of the Trinity because we don’t necessarily think it is relevant.  It is also a complex theology and US American Christians typically want a simple theology, why else do we have books like “Simple,” “Simple Church,” “The Bible Made Plain and Simple,” Simple Steps,” and the like?  The problem is there is little that is simple about knowing God – there is much ambiguity in the Christian faith and few Christians can handle ambiguity – we want to be certain about things thus the need for an assurance of salvation and the like.  In studying 1 John we like to know “what we can know and how we can know it” and so on.

What reasons  do you have for a lack of interest in the doctrine of the Trinity?

ps. Here is a really good book to consider on the Trinity:

Robert Letham, Holy Trinity: In Scripture, History, Theology, and Worship (P and R Publishing Company, 2005).

Go check out the rest of it.

online articles/books on Hebrews.

Brian Small who is currently a Ph.D. candidate in New Testament at Baylor University (his dissertation is on the Book of Hebrews).   He has put up a list of online articles and books related to aspects of the Book of Hebrews.  Go here for the articles.  Go here for the books.   It looks like his blog focuses strictly on Hebrew related issues.  Enjoy. 
HT: Dave Black.