Craig S. Keener on reading the Bible

Craig Keener shared on the Koinonia blog about an influential book for him.  I am glad it was the Bible!  But listen to the interview – can you imagine? reading 40 chapters of the Bible a day? Reading the entire NT in a weekWow!!  I feel ashamed already.  Not really but dang.  How many of us have even read 40 seperate chapters of the Bible this year?

Craig S. Keener (PhD, Duke University)[and an AGTS grad!] is professor of biblical studies at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous commentaries, journal articles, and other works focusing on New Testament studies and Biblical Studies, including Revelation for the NIVAC series and a two volume commentary on John (Hendrickson, 2004). [bracket mine]

HT: Koinonia Blog

7 responses to “Craig S. Keener on reading the Bible

  1. I used to read the Bible that much. At one point I read through the entire Bible in just under three weeks. That was back when I stopped watching TV, hardly ever went online, and my daughter was a baby. But what really impressed me about this interview was that you can tell how genuinely in love with Scripture he is. That makes me respect him and like him as a scholar all that much more.

  2. Nick, and how genuinely in love with the One of whom the Scriptures speak – and I would imagine much of that comes from how much he immerses himself in Scripture.

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