re: the power of God in Gospel of Mark

Today I read through the Gospel of Mark – one thing I noticed, the people were amazed at Jesus and his ministry.  In fact, Mark 7:37 tells us “People were overwhelmed with amazement” especially at the power of God seen in Jesus’ teachings and healing of the people (healings and deliverances).   

It made me wonder?  Have I ever been or am I overwhelmed with amazement at the power of God either in my own life, the life of our church, or in other people’s lives? 

I wonder too, can we really even be amazed any more?  Or do we just take so many things for granted that our ability to be amazed by God and his power is limited?

Have you ever been overwhelmed with amazement at the power of God in your life?  What say you?


3 responses to “re: the power of God in Gospel of Mark

  1. I continually get amazed by the power of God. In my own life, and in the life of the youth in our church. In my own life especially the last two years have been mind-blowing. And in our youth ministry, the last year have been amazing.

    A boy deaf in one ear, hearing. A girl blind on one eye, seeing. A girl operated told by doctors to stay 4 weeks in wheel-chair, 6 on crutches walking out of our service with no support at all. God has truly done some amazing stuff. Also a episode where a boy confessed to struggle with pornography and masturbating, was set free from this oppression while I prayed for him. He has not experienced this problem after this episode.

    In my own life, I have experienced that God set me free from drug abuse, healed me from nevrotic depression, and took away my ADHD problem. All this happened during my first year as Christian, and made a tremendous impact on my life.

    But what keeps amazing me, is the power in the Gospel. It challenges me, and shows me how much in my own life that are driven by my own desire, and when meditating on the Gospel, God breaks the power of my own will and desire in my life, so I can serve him by his own power and according to his will. This has been the most amazing thing with Gods power, the power of the Gospel.

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