New Converts to WordPress

Man, there seems to be a mass exodus from the blogger world to the more astute world of WordPress.  Consider the following:

Michael Metts at Michael Metts

Josh McManaway at Son of the Fathers

Rich S at Exegete 77

Gary Zimmerli at The Sundry Times

and last but not least:

The Orthodox Esteban at The Voice of Stefan


Welcome to the blessed realm boys!

HT: Nick


7 responses to “New Converts to WordPress

  1. I like the options and control of my blog that I have at Blogger. Instead of just giving us all this back-slapping for the guys who have switched, how about giving me some reasons to switch. I tried wordpress a while ago, and was not happy with the lack of control I had; or perhaps it was the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to set it up the way I wanted. I thought it was too difficult for a novice like me to work with.

  2. I hate commenting on Blogger blogs for various reasons. It’s more difficult. This is why some people don’t comment on them at all. I also just like how WP works. My Scripture Zealot blog is hosted on my server but I maintain one blog on WordPress’ site and one on Blogger and like WordPress better.

  3. Gary, for my first four weeks after switching from blogger, I posted on each week’s experience at wordpress.

    You might want to do a search on my blog. Not that difficult to search like commenting on blogger. 🙂

  4. Gary: Basically WP is way better when it comes to commenting. Like Jeff said, commenting on Blogspot blogs is a pain. A lot of people don’t like to jump through all the hoops to do it. On WP it’s easy and encourages more conversation. Then there’s the fact that you can track your conversations on other WP through your own dashboard. You also have a lot of control over the comments in terms of editing, approving, unapproving, etc. You can blacklist people without having to worry about deleting their comments every time they invade your space.

    There’s also nice feature built right into WP that allow you to track who’s been referring people to your blog, what search terms they’ve been using to find you, what your most popular posts are, what links people have been clicking, etc. On Blogspot blogs you’d have to use an outside resource to track this kind of information.

    The only thing you lose with WP is the ability to edit your CSS and the support of a zillion and six widgets. But that’s a good thing because your blog won’t load slowly or freeze up when people visit it. 🙂

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