Understanding the Book of Mormon

Over at the Koinonia blog they are doing an interesting and helpful series on understanding the book of Mormon with Ross Anderson, a former Mormon and now Christian pastor in Utah.  This series is really just summaries from his book of the same title – but useful and informative nonetheless.   Probalby, just about each one of us knows one or more people personally who is in the Mormon church so I can imgaine this is a good series to read for a lot of us.

Here is a snippet:

I affirm that evaluating LDS beliefs in light of biblical truth is vitally important. But I do not believe apologetics or comparative doctrine approaches are sufficient. Like the apostle Paul, in addressing the diverse audiences of Pisidian Antioch, Lystra, and Athens, our witness must also take into account the world view and life experience of the Mormon people. To that end, my comments on the Koinonia blog this week do not offer another refutation of the claims of the Book of Mormon…..But what I hope to contribute this week is some insight into how Latter-day Saints experience the Book of Mormon in their daily lives, and its formative role in shaping their understanding of the world and of themselves.

What this really great quote reveals about Anderson is that he thinks like a missionary.  Instead of offering up standard typical apologetics to argue with Mormons (which won’t get you anywhere anyways – at least until their heart is open) he is seeking to know the worldview of a Mormon (he was one) and how that worldview affects their lives and their understanding and experience of the Book of Mormon.  My guess is that not unlike Christians, there is high levels of illiteracy among Mormons regarding reading and understanding the Book of Mormon (just as not too many Christians actually read their Bibles) – else I would expect a mass exodus from the Mormon church…. but then a gain, that’s probably a pretty ignorant response.

Check out the Koinonia blog for the rest of the story! (pt 2; pt 3; pt 4; pt 5)


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