What is Classical Arminianism?

Go over and check out Billy’s latest post (and coming posts) on what exactly is meant by Classical Arminianism.

Here is a snippet:

This growing movement of Arminian scholars, pastors, and laymen adhere to Classical or Reformed Arminian theology and are united in order to:

glorify God, edify his people, protect them from error, and foster the proper representation of our magnificent God to the world by lovingly and respectfully (1) promoting and advancing sound, biblical Arminian theology, and (2) refuting Calvinism and diminishing the number of its adherents through the concerted, strategic effort of Arminians networked through the society for the accomplishment of these goals, as well as (3) mutual encouragement, support, and growth in the truth of God’s word.

So Billy’s upcoming series looks to be pretty interesting and informative!


4 responses to “What is Classical Arminianism?

  1. “Sigh!” I am so sick of this argument! Both are incorrect for the most part and both have areas in which they reflect scripture. This is a classic example of systematic idol worship! There I said it (sorry Brian 😉 )

  2. Hey Mark,

    Thats funny that you say “both are incorrect”. Is that a correct statement and maybe others are sick of those who say “both are incorrect, but my way is correct so come over here and listen to me”. LOL

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