12 reasons to be an global missionary

Dave Black just returned from some time in Ethiopia and shares 12 reasons he loves being a missionary.

12 Reasons Why I Love Being a Global Missionary:

It allows me to invest my talents in global missionary work.

It gets me into stretching experiences.

I am placed in situations where I do not feel entirely secure.

It allows me to prioritize my financial assets.

I am able to contribute to the world missionary effort.

It forces me to follow through in a practical way my concern for my fellow Christians.

It allows me to invest my time and energy in the kingdom of God.

In constantly forces me to ask myself, “Am I living the Christian life safely or with joyful abandonment?”

It challenges me to allow God to prove His steadfast love for me.

It reminds me that God has different ways of leading people.

I am privileged to witness the tireless toil and inspiring self-denial of other missionaries.

It has allowed me to find myself through dying to self.


These sound like some pretty good reasons!  What about you? 


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