Jacobus Arminius on the Sovereignty of God

By the term, “the power of God,” is meant not a passive power, which cannot happen to God who is a pure act; nor the act, by which God is always acting in Himself through necessity of nature; but it signifies an active power, by which He can operate extrinsically, and by which He does so operate when it seems good to Himself [author’s emphases]. We describe it thus: “It is a faculty of the Life of God, posterior in order to understanding and the will, by which God can, from the liberty of His own will, operate extrinsically all things whatsoever that He can freely will, and by which He does whatsoever He freely wills” . . . . The measure of the Divine Capability is the Free Will of God, and indeed this is an adequate measure. . . . Therefore He does the things which He does because He wills so to do. He does them not, because He wills them not; not, on the contrary. 


HT: Billy Birch


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