New WordPress converts! (updated)

Matthew Burgess finally caved in!  He credits Nick Norelli.  Go over and offer him a warm welcome to the blessed realm!  He was here.  Now he is here.   He is still blogging as “Confessions of a Bible Junkie.”   I like that because I am the same way – an ardently confessed, unrepentant Bible Junkie!

Another convert in the Exodus from Blogger to WordPress:

Rod, who blogs at Political Jesus!

6 responses to “New WordPress converts! (updated)

  1. I should give you credit too, Brian. You were also one of the first people to encourage me to switch! (And you were so much more diplomatic about it than Nick.)

  2. Brian: No, not you. I remember you making the move, but I can’t remember how instrumental I was in it. Hmm… Perhaps you are one of the ones who hasn’t given credit where credit is due!

    Matthew: Diplomacy has its place… just not in my life! 😉

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