just got over food posioning

and it was terrible – I can’t remember being that sick – it really hurt my stomach a lot – pretty much from the get go I was practically writhing in pain until finally I gave in and my wife took me to the ER in Flag to get help – and I needed it (two bags of IV – a small dose of morphine to kill the stomach pain – some anti-nausa med)  – today has been a rest and recoup day – terrible really.  I have suffered food poisoning before but not like this, it just wouldn’t end – which is where ER helped, I needed help breaking the cycle.

9 responses to “just got over food posioning

  1. Brian, I’m glad to hear you’re recovering. I had either food poisoning or a really mean stomach bug earlier this year in January. I was down for about 5 days and had a 103 temperature for one of those days. I really sympathize.

  2. Thank God you’re feeling better. That sounds awful. Much worse than my aspirin stomach ache I was dealing with yesterday. Do you know what you had or what gave it to you? I’m paranoid about food poisoning.

    Bryan L

  3. I think it might have been bad cottage cheese – that morning I had a breakfast where I like to mix in some cottage cheese with my yogurt. Only I hadn’t realized the cottage cheese was bad.

  4. Glad you are on the mend. My wife and I seem to have gotten a case of this (me worse than her) last night, but not nearly as bad as you. We are on the mend today and feeling better after long naps. Our son, however, is feeling great, which is really all that matters!

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