we’re having a baby!

I think maybe I forgot to mention or perhaps mentioned it early on but it’s since been forgotten – we’re due for a baby on August 17th!  It’s a boy!  (edit: I did mention it!)

baby boyBecause my daughter Mercy had to come out by c-section so will this baby – it’s just policy at most hospitals these days.  So, because of the c-section the doctor wants to schedule it and about a week ahead of the due date, which is the 13th (I think) – but the possibility was presented that we could go with the 6th of August as the earliest we could go without having to be too worried about the baby’s lungs not being ready.  He is a big boy already – maybe 6 pounds and we’re still a few weeks away (they gain about a pound a week in the last month or so), so it’s pretty understandable Debbie wants to go with the earliest date we can take him out. 

 As to names, we’re pretty sure on the first name,  and are still working out the middle name.

24 responses to “we’re having a baby!

  1. sorry bout that! but thanks! we’re looking forward to it. Not to rush anything but Debbie sort of just wants the baby to come so she can be active again and get on with things, if you know what she means….

  2. I think you should go with the 12th August and then name him Mark! 😉

    We hope it all goes well. Pitty Gordon isn’t a cool name. You could have named him after Dr Fee!

    • Mark our plan has been to name him after his granddads using a combination of their middle names, but we may make a slight change to combine one of the names to also name him after his uncle David who passed away from brain cancer a couple years ago. We’re still deciding.

      Gordon Fee is a really really nice man and a more amazing NT scholar, but sorry, the granddads get primacy here! 🙂

      • I assume that none of your GG’s are named Mark either? 😉

        I wish I could have met Gordon Fee. I don’t like my chances this late in the game. He was a good friend of mine’s NT lecturer at Regent.

  3. Congrats and will be praying for you guys, Has your wife be teaching/preaching with the belly? I have never seen that before and would be beautiful to see; however, you can name him Lionel, dudes with that name ALWAYS come out handsome my reference points are Richie, the Jeffersons and obviously myself!

    • Lionel, yes, Debbie has preached a few sermons in the last few weeks, mainly sitting on a chair though (we have a bar stool type chair so it doesn’t sit too low)!

      I’ll let you all know the boy’s name soon enough!

  4. Congrats to you and your family, Brian. May God bless you.

    For name, here is one that you don’t hear so often nowadays: Melchizedek. If you don’t take it, I might use it when the time is due(just maybe) . 😉

  5. Thanks Joel and Erik – I appreciate it! Joel, well, I guesll you’ll be pretty busy soon. Hope it goes well for you all too!

    ps. the baby’s first name is a biblical name though it is really the middle name of one of his Granddads.

  6. I don’t get enough rest because I stay up late reading. The baby is doing very well and is finally sleeping through the night (~9am-5am). I’ll try to get some images up soon, have just been trying to figure out how to get better digital copies.

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