Ralph D. Winter 1924 – 2009

RDW-BW_headshotI was shocked (only because I had been out of the loop) to learn yesterday when I got the latest Mission Frontier Bulletin that on May 20, 2009 at 9:05 p.m., Ralph D. Winter, founder of the US. Center for World Missionpassed away in his home in Pasadena, CA.

Winter was a world renown strategist who had a very significant influence on the direction of the Protestant Church’s world wide missions efforts.  He was singularly most influential through is work on the Mission Frontiers Bulletin and in founding and running the U.S. Center for World Mission located in Pasadena California.  He had a huge impact on many a young person who is now involved in missions work both locally and globally.  

For me reading his editorials challenged me to think about missions in different ways and reading the Mission Frontiers Bulletin pushed me to new levels of understanding with regard to missiology and related issues.  For example it wasn’t always just about evangelism as in witnessing but also about finding ways to fix various social problems or even finding cures for various diseases and so on.  Missions is not always and only just about witnessing, it is also about finding ways to show people the real impact the gospel can have on cultures.  It was also through the Mission Frontiers Bulletin I learned about people groupings and the need to read specific groups and not just countries.  I have gotten the Bulletin for a lot of years and I plan to continue getting it as missions is a passion of mine and want to always be challenged to think about missions in new and creative ways. 

You can read more about him here.


3 responses to “Ralph D. Winter 1924 – 2009

  1. Thanks for this. I like this mention by Piper from the link: “He did
    not waste his life, not even the last hours of it. He was busy dictating into the last days. He taught me long ago that the concept of ‘retirement’ is not in the Bible.”

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