Gospel of John and the OT

Jim West has been blogging on his time at the CBA conference in Omaha, Nebraska.  He shared that in one of the sessions on Day two:

During discussion it was observed by Mary Coloe that the Garden serves as an inclusio to the last hours of Jesus life. The prayer in the garden surrounds the crucifixion which ends in the garden. The cross is at the center of the ‘garden’ and there are two people standing at the foot of the cross just as there are two standing by the tree of life in Genesis. Hence, the last scenes of Jesus life mirror Genesis 3. Then the sabbath follows.

Now, that is a thought!  A very interesting one, to me at least.  I know for some this is very old news but to me it’s been going through my mind since Sunday and I like that – it’s opening up all kinds if understanding.  And it makes sense.

What say you?


3 responses to “Gospel of John and the OT

  1. Brian,

    I makes sense to me. I took a course on the Gospel of John last semester and I noticed the number of times that Jesus refers to the Torah in John, quoting Deuteronomy regularly. Very interesting how Jewish Jesus is in the Fourth Gospel, indeed! 🙂

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