Assemblies of God elects first woman to the Executive Presbytery

This is the cut and past of the CT Article noting some historic moves by the Assemblies of God this week at its biennial General Conference held variously around the country that is currently being held in Lakeland, Florida.  

It‘s a wonderful moment for the church to recognize God lays his hand on women and say they bring something to the table,” the Rev Beth Grant, who was elected on the second electoral ballot, told The Ledger.

Thousands of ministers and delegates at the 53rd General Council in Orlando, Florida, greeted Grant’s election with a standing ovation.

Grant, a missionary in India and coordinator of the Women in Ministry Network, addressed the crowd saying, “We as a movement are who we are because women went to the ends of the earth with nothing more than the call of God. We are here today and we in this vote are saying thank you God for the women in our movement.”

Two years ago, the General Council of the nearly three million-member Pentecostal denomination approved a resolution to add two executive presbyter positions for an ordained woman and an ordained pastor under the age of 40.

Although women have been allowed to serve in pastoral roles for decades, female ministers have never taken a seat in the denomination’s top leadership.

Even before being elected to the second highest policy-making body, Grant made history at the previous General Council in 2007 when she advanced to the final rounds of balloting for assistant general superintendent.

She told The Ledger that the executive leadership of the Assemblies of God really believes women in leadership is biblical.

The call of God is not a gender issue, it’s an obedience issue,” she told the Lakeland, Florida, newspaper. “Being female is not excuse for not fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.”

In her brief address at the General Council, Grant declared it time for men and women together to say “Yes, God, we are going to work together for the glory of God and for His mission in our world“.

She asked for prayers, noting her new role is unchartered territory.

In other business Wednesday night, Texas pastor Bryan Jarrett was elected as the [first] under 40 years old executive presbyter.

George O Wood was re-elected as general superintendent of the denomination.

“God has a great future for this Church until Jesus comes. I’m just exceedingly blessed beyond measure to have this opportunity to serve you,” Wood said.

I think these were good and bold moves that will help the AG move forward as a movement!  


2 responses to “Assemblies of God elects first woman to the Executive Presbytery

  1. What a great time for our movement. It’s too bad we had to legislate a spot, but I am still thankful we are getting this representation in our movement at long last.

    Thank the Lord for George Wood as our leader, as well! What a gentle man of vision.

  2. It’s a great bold step for the AoG. I was glad to hear of this. I’ve heard of pentecostal women pastors but this will give the up-and-comer women pastors an example they can look up to. Praise God!

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