New Books: USPS edition

I got a couple books today

exodusOne was the one I won on Matt’s site Broadcast Depth (I think it was a random drawing, nothing special, you just signed up and hoped to win).   It is a Bible study book on the book of Exodus in the Interpretation Bible Studies series put out by WJK Press.  James Newsome is the author of this Exodus Study.  This is an interesting series as it does not go through every aspect of the book but rather (according to the back cover) each volume in the series focuses on ten key passages from a book of the Bible that helps readers capture the larger picture of the whole biblical book.  It also follows in the tradition of the Interpretation commentary series in that in many ways it can stand alone in aiding the pastor or teacher in their preparation for teaching or preaching on a biblical book. 

The other book is a review book for Bethany House Publishers called Sacred Waiting: Waiting on God in a World that Waits for Nothing (2009).  It looks to be a really interesting book and I look forward to getting into it.  Here is a blurb (from Amazon):

Sacred WaitingIn a culture that waits for nothing, Sacred Waiting helps readers learn to wait on God.  David Timms challenges believers to be attentive to God as were the faithful from Noah to David, from Paul to John–and all the saints in between.  He demonstrates their best moments arose from God’s timing, not their own. In the process he reveals deep, transforming truths for those who want to go deeper into their relationship with God. Grounded in the stories of Scripture and everyday illustrations, Sacred Waiting explores a vital yet often neglected or misunderstood spiritual discipline. 


So on to the reading…..


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