The Works of Jonathan Edwards (paperback)

WTS Books is in process of putting together a low cost edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards!  That is, if you’re into Puritan theology – I am not typically excited about Puritan theology but based on Mark Stevens review of a recent Jonathan Edwards bio – I might be willing to check out his stuff.   Whereas the hard back editions of his works have been as much as $100 piece – the new paper back editions are going for low as $19.00 a piece!   This is definately a good deal and certainly allows for the possiblilty of getting then with a WTS gift certificate if you are a WTS Blog partner

Here’s a blurb from the newsletter:

Now Available in Paperback for only $19! [a piece]

“Readers of Jonathan Edwardsrejoice! The critically acclaimed Yale edition of Edwards’ Works is now being published in an affordable paperback series. Previous collections have used a small-print-in-narrow-columns format which proved to be quite taxing to the reader. However, the new publications allow Edwards to be read in a crisp, clear font. The paperback edition, like the previous hardcover Yale editions, are devoted to one work per volume making them more manageable to take with you. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the price. In contrast with the hardcover editions — sometimes listed at over $100.00 per book — the new paperbacks may be purchased for around $20.00 each! Easier to read, easier to take with you, easier on your wallet. This new edition makes the works of America’s greatest theologian accessible to nearly everyone. The only question left is — What do I do with my now-obsolete magnifying glasses?”

– Greg Hobaugh, Dean of Students, Westminster Theological Seminary

*See how clear the font is? You won’t find that in any other edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards.


2 responses to “The Works of Jonathan Edwards (paperback)

  1. Wow! Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting the Yale editions, but have been able to buy only one or two, and those were used. They are too expensive. This is truly exciting. Thanks again! Oh, and thanks for the tip on the Edwards and Ministry of the Word book.

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