New book: USPS Edition

Today I got the 10th Anniversary Edition of Kevin Vanhoozer’s Is there Meaning in this Text?: The Bible, the Reader, and the Morality of Literary Knowledge (Zondervan, 1998).   Now, please know, “anniversary edition” does not mean “revisied edition.”  It is simply a reprint of the original edition only this time in paperback – the only other difference is an added preface with Vanhoozer noting various criticisms of the book since it’s publication – it’s not terribly long but not too brief either – other than that everything is the same as the first priniting and the page numbers are all the same. 

Here is a blurb:

vanhoozerIs There a Meaning in This Text? guides the student toward greater confidence in the authority, clarity, and relevance of Scripture, and a well–reasoned expectation to understand accurately the message of the Bible. Is There a Meaning in This Text? is a comprehensive and creative analysis of current debates over biblical hermeneutics that draws on interdisciplinary resources, all coordinated by Christian theology. It makes a significant contribution to biblical interpretation that will be of interest to readers in a number of fields. The intention of the book is to revitalize and enlarge the concept of author–oriented interpretation and to restore confidence that readers of the Bible can reach understanding. The result is a major challenge to the central assumptions of postmodern biblical scholarship and a constructive alternative proposal—an Augustinian hermeneutic—that reinvigorates the notion of biblical authority and finds a new exegetical practice that recognizes the importance of both the reader’s situation and the literal sense.

Should be an interesting read since I haven’t a terribly large amount of reading in hermenutics.  So, I’ll probably want to review this book before getting into Vanhoozer.


5 responses to “New book: USPS Edition

  1. When I tried to go through it I didn’t find it helpful at all. It was hard to understand and I never new what Vanhoozer’s position was. That being said I’d like to give it another shot.

  2. I understood what his general point was it’s just that when he was describing the views and arguments of others I would never know whether he was in agreement with them or not. It was hard to tell where he was going or what his point was.

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