Bible Movie Meme

So I got tagged to share three Bible movies I like and then one I might like to see done.

Ten CommandmentsLike others there is the all time great classic The Ten Commandments with the late Charlston Heston.  Not much explanation needed here.   (I suppose the animated movie Egypt could come in a close tight second.  😉 ).



The Nativity StoryOne I like that I haven’t seen listed is The Nativity Story.  My liking of this movie really came after the first time I preached through some of the themes of Advent – I think this movie highlights them well.  Themes of oppression and hope of deliverance as seen in the birth of Jesus.



Jesus of NazarethIf I had to pick one full length Jesus movie right now I’d probably go with Jesus of Nazareth.  As one Amazon reviewer noted: “After more than two decades, this movie (more or less) remains the greatest motion picture on the life of Jesus Christ -unsurpassed and second-to-none.” If you check out the Amazon ratings, none are less than 4.  ‘nough said.


As to one I might like to see done, I’d like to see a well done version of The Apocalypse but that might be a stretch.  That said, I do think it might be interesting as it is an imaginative book (one that strikes the imagination; see Eugene Peterson on this).

Personally though – I don’t think the Bible is meant to be put to cinematography – it is a piece of literary beauty that just can’t be captured on movie – one can only imagine how things were based on how The Story is recorded in the Scriptures.


3 responses to “Bible Movie Meme

  1. Although not technically biblical, I do like Ben Hur. Prince of Egypt was very good and worked well for our church when I was preaching through Exodus. However, like you, I am not a huge fan of biblical movies. The worst I have ever seen was Richard Gere in King David.

    Actually, as I type one more comes to mind; The Apostle Paul staring Anthony Hopkins. I have never seen it but BW3 used it to show us Paul’s use of rhetoric in his speeches.

    Has there ever been a good Jesus film? I don’t think so.

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