No more review books

not at least until I get some up and going – I guess I thought I’d be able to get some books for review – read them and get up a review and so on, well, and humiliated to have to admit there are some review books that have been on the shelf waiting to be read and reviewed for months (e.g., 6+ months) – this is not right (and not fair to the publishers who so graciously sent them along).  So until I can get significant amount of reading and reviewing done soon, no more review books!  (except of course those won in contests or those sent gratis by authors or those who are generous).  I sort of do have the hope I can plow through and get a lot done before the end of the year.


14 responses to “No more review books

  1. Brian, that is the exact same reason why I stopped asking for books. Did not feel right to get one, and then not complete my end of the bargain of writing a review. I stopped after I received my second book and then realized that I would not get around to them.

    I do wish I would get some of those free nice bibles. That I would take in a heartbeat!

  2. Brian: I understand where you’re coming from. That’s why I like to keep all the publishers in a rotation of sorts. I try to mix them up throughout the month so that no publisher receives multiple reviews in one month (doesn’t always work out that way but I try).

  3. Nick, remember the Ehrman book Jesus Inturrupted? Often my life is Brian, Interrupted and so even getting to them or through them sufficiently for a review is the challenge.

    Robert, I do have to admit I have been able to get some books I would not have otherwise been able to get had I not gotten review copies – but I don’t mind reviewing them since I helps me read them little more critically for th review and it keeps me up on some topics – it’s just I am in over my head at the moment.

    Dan, I know it sounds amazing but really with some publishers all you have t do is ask. You could get a slightly better edge than the rest of us since you also teach and publishers love to send professors desk copies for their classes.

  4. Brian, I understand. I teach at our church Bible Institute, and now I am going to be preaching on a regular basis at my church during our midweek service. I have a lot on my plate and have to stay focus, so doing book reviews only takes time that I really don’t have. I also work a full time job, maybe some day I will be able to go full time as an Associate Pastor, but for now it is working out pretty good.

    • well, then I suppose if you really wanted to do some reviews, you could always do one or two books that are related to you classes – or you could always have a student do a review for you as a guest post.

      • Brian, having a student writhe a review, now that’s a something to consider.

        I have done that in the past request a book that I am using for a class. The problem is I do my research about a year in advance for new courses that I am planning on teaching, depending on the complexity it can be a lot less. So it could be months before I actually write a review.

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