new blog on the KJV

In light of my previous post quoting Craig Blomberg in regards to the translation wars – this is interesting, a blog devoted to KJV Onlyism (or so it seems).  WOW.  Well, this person doesn’t seem militant about it but still nonetheless….

Here is a description:

Hysteria, misinformation, rancor and hype fill the King James Version (KJV) only debate. Cynicism sometimes colors the view of those on both sides of the debate. This blog aims to confront the King James craze head on, and evaluate the claims of KJV-onlyism from a Biblical perspective.

The authors are all former proponents of KJV-onlyism. Each has made his own journey out of that movement. We shall do our best to fairly represent the opposite view here, yet we acknowledge that there are multiple varieties of the KJV-only position.

We welcome honest debate in the comments. But we reserve the right to moderate discussions in an effort to keep this a charitable, Christ-honoring blog.


Here is a key post to consider checking out: Testing the Textus Receptus: Rev. 16:5

Well, if you want to learn more head on over! 

HT: Dave Black, via Tommy Wasserman


2 responses to “new blog on the KJV

  1. Thanks for linking to our blog. We’re not militant, necessarily. We see KJV Onlyism as a terrible error; but having once held to it, we have compassion for those still spreading it. We hope to make a difference in a small way by perhaps opening the eyes of some. Thanks again for the link.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Bob Hayton
    Administrator of KJV Only?

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