Ten Random Beliefs meme

(I didn’t get tagged for this, so far as I know, if I did sorry I missed it) so I am doing my own:

1) I believe Jesus is God, the Son of God, and Messiah, second person of the Trinity, and Lord of all the Earth.

2) I believe reading the Bible should propel Christians to the nations and into the deepest areas of need in the world.

3) I believe biblical illiteracy is among the greatest threats to the mission of the church in the world today.

4) I believe internet usage can be both a blessing and a curse.

5) I believe blogging can be a blessing and a curse.

6) I believe the Pacific Northwest, more specifically the Puget Sound Region is among the most beautiful places in the US.

7) I believe professional sports will cease to exist in the Seattle area some time in the next 10-15 years.

8 ) I believe Hawaii is the most relaxing place in the world.

9) I believe if we let the free market do its thing, the economy will recover, that is, if we let it.

10) I believe the World Series and the Super Bowl and the NBA finals, tend to be way overrated.


11 responses to “Ten Random Beliefs meme

  1. 1-5, 9 – Agreed. 6-7 – I’ll take your word for it. 10 – Agreed, provisionally, unless the Cowboys or the Spurs make it to the Super Bowl or NBA Finals.

  2. *sigh* I wish I had first hand knowledge of how relaxing Hawaii was . . .

    You know, after I did mine, I realized I didn’t have anything spiritual on it. Your 1,2, and 3 are good. BUT I’m still awfully curious about Hawaii.

  3. on the contrary, government spending is how we got into this mess – and yes the Bush Administration is guilty of this too. I advocate severely cutting spending but not on social programs but on other junk that isn’t needed.

  4. I thought the housing market (specifically the sub prime lending) and credit default swaps were how we got into this mess?

    What is some of the junk you’d like to see cut?

    Bryan L

  5. I believe that the true answer to America’s spending crisis is to redirect consumer capital away from such items as Hanna Montana and American Girl towards more quality purchases such as Lazy Boy recliners and flat screen TV’s. This would in fact stabilize markets involved in #’s 7 and 10.

    For the record, I also believe in #1. I will make it my personal life goal to agree with #8…

  6. Bryan – I agree with Sam, spending needs to be done mostly by the consumer not the government – only consumer spending can really jump start the economy – with consumer spending come profits – with profits come better wages and better financing to develop new products and so on. To be honest I really don’t understand the whole “tax and spend” philosophy of the government – taxing has its place but taxing too high only kills consumer spending since the consumer has nothing to spend – seems to me like not a whole of what the government spends actually benefits the economy – in fact, the latest research is should the so called stimulus bills failed to do what they were supposed to do – stimulate the economy.

    As to what should be cut – anything that falls in the category of pork barrel spending – politician salaries should be capped to no more than $70-80,000, and in my opinion, no politician should be making more than the President, which is something like $200,000, and so on. I think too the Department of Education should be cut since it is altogether entirely worthless, and I know there are a ton of ridiculous government sponsored research projects that are pointless and should be scrapped. To name a few.

    As to the sports issue in Seattle (where I am from originally) just note that the Sonics have already left town, they went to Oklahoma. The Seahawks and the Mariners shouted the public into building them new stadiums so they could play better ball and that better ball has yet to materialize. Seattle sports just hasn’t been willing to make the necessary investments needed to draw in good players and or coaches so sports can be effective there (that is how I see it).

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