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Mark Stevens has officially retired his blog – no more blogging.  He writes in part:

However, ultimately, as my good friend Simon Clemowreminded me recently the GREAT BISHOP, said in his “Mark For Everyone” Commentary of Mark Mark 9:38-50, “The second thing, within that [that being that discipleship is difficult, and demands sacrifice], is that sometimes what we are asked to give up is not something that is sinful in and of itself…We should be prepared to reject something which is good and God-given – as hands, feet, eyes and [blogging] are! – but which, at the moment at least, is leading us down the wrong path.”(p.127-128). therefore I might best describe this as an act of obedience and personal in nature. You may not agree with it, but I do ask you try to understand and respect it.

It’s been really great getting to know Mark – he is a great guy and he had a lot of great things to say on his blog – but I know too it wasn’t always an easy or smooth ride and I know some of the blogs of which he notes he will not miss, and I know the ones that he will miss.   All I can say is shame on those bloggers who’s blogs he will not miss.

But his point is well taken that sometimes following the Lord means even giving up good things to take on better ones (which is is why he says this is personal and not universal).

In a lot of ways I can relate to Mark’s situation – it’s pretty hard to keep up blogging consistently when you have small children and a job and the like – I now have two small children (a 2 yr old and a 2 month old), plus I more or less have three jobs: the church (voluntary – no pay) and two part-time jobs (paid) on the side, plus the need to have personal time, family time, time with the Lord, time to read, time to deal with church issues, and on and on the list goes, which is why I have slowed down a bit in blogging, and dropped off the top-50 list and so on.   So, I can relate.   Though I hate to see he retire his blog, I can understand and respect why he is doing it.

Grace and Peace.

14 responses to “a lost blog

  1. I don’t expect that you’ll disclose any specific information, but when you say “shame on those bloggers whose blogs he will not miss” are you intending that some people have treated Mark unfairly or have been mean to him or something? I’m confused by that part of your post since it’s kind of vague.

  2. I think it’s better to comment for a while on blogs before bothering to start your own. I’ve observed that those who do that seem to last longer and know what they’re getting into before starting their own. I only started my blog because I created a profile and I figured both would give people some better insight into me instead of just being a random name commenting. I didn’t blog much at first but over time I did. Now it goes up and down but I’ve been blogging since like ’05 or ’06. At the minimum I am still a blogreader no matter how busy I get and even if my blog becomes inactive I still read and comment which is easier to maintain when interest fades or there’s not enough time. My iPhone also makes it easier to blog and comment since I rarely get on my computer these days and it enables me to read and comment wherever I am.

    Anyway, it’s a shame to see him go. Hope everything goes well with him.

    Bryan L

    • Hey Bryan, I have been blogging for over two years and reading an commenting on blogs for much longer. I knew what I was getting in for but have always tried to hold such things ‘loosely’ because as much as I enjoy it, it really isn’t that important in the grand scheme. As I said in my post, I feel this is an act of obedience. I’m no trying super-spiritualise the matter, just be honest.

      As for i-phones, I appreciate that people love them, but I would hate to be that connected and don’t see the point.

      • Honestly Mark I just took the occasion of you pulling out of blogging and Brian commenting on it to make a general comment on blogging and those who decide to blog. I was more just responding to Brian writing about blogging, especially his last paragraph. Sorry, I probably should have clarified that. I don’t know your situation, how long you’d been blogging nor what you did before that although I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you.

        As for being connected with an iPhone I guess it’s helpful for people who really enjoy using the Internet but don’t like being stuck at a computer in one place all day or for an extended period of time. As someone who has been using it regularly since the “World Wide Web” was first intoduced in the early 90’s (over half my life ago when I was just a young teen) and things like Internet providers (AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve), BBB’s and newsgroups before that, needless to say it’s become a big and important part of my life. So it’s not too hard for me to justify something like an iPhone especially if it makes my life easier.

        Anyway, I wish you the best and hope everything goes well with your church.

        Take care,
        Bryan L

    • Nick, I was never treated badly by any blogger. Brian is referring to some attacks that came from people who read my blog (whom I know and in his defence i am not sure he knew that they didn’t blog). Nevertheless, they did not influence my decision.

  3. Hey guys, just a few things. When I said there will be a few blogs I wont miss it was more of a personal dislike for style and approach than anything. I have only ever been treated well by bloggers. My decision to stop has NOTHING to do with how I have been treated! I have worked in Media (as a news reader and a radio announcer) so I am used to taking crap. I appreciate Brian’s concern but it actually refers to criticisms that came from the non-bloggong community because of some of my views (this was unpleasant at times but again was not a factor in retiring). I hope that clears up any misunderstanding.

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