the latest

I missed a lot of blogging lately because we’ve been pretty busy.  A couple days this week we had a minister’s renewal for the AZ District of the Assemblies of God and it went well.  Mark Batterson and Bob Rhoden were our speakers.   Mark did a lot of the speaking though and he is good.  He mostly addresses leadership issues but they are all well grounded in the Scripture.  He pastors National Community Church in the D.C. Area and shared a lot about that experience as well.  He has a couple of books out too: Wild Goose Chase and In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.  He has a new one coming out in December call Primal that sounds like it will be pretty good as well. These are not biblical studies books per se but more leadership and personal growth/development books (something that is just as needed as the other). 

On another front, we’ve discoverd we have a pretty heavy duty mold problem in our house and will have to pack it up and get a new one – it will cost too much to salvage it – there is a 25 sq ft area under the kitchen area of the house that is all full of mold – according to the inspection it’s probably been there since even before we lived here (2 years now) so it’s a problem.   It explains a lot – why mercy has been in the Dr’s office at least once a month since we’ve been here, low energy, other sicknesses, and so on.   Thankfully, we’ll be getting a lot of help from those in our district. 

a thought for the day: I have been thinking about the title of Gordon Fee’s book Listening to the Spirit in the Text and I wonder if and hope that is what I do – do I listen to the Holy Spirit as I read and study the Bible or a particular passage when preparing for a sermon – do I listen to the Holy Spirit and then follow through or do I simplylet my own presuppositions and or personal agenda influence how I read or interpret the Bible?  I know many of us hope we are listening to the Holy Spirit but tray as you ca to press in and hear from the Spirit.