still here

i’ve just been offline while we move into an temporary living arrangement while we work on replacing our home that got over run by mold.   i trust all is well for you.

We had a gal present on her missions work in Northern Asia yesterday in our service  and I was pretty moved by it – I ended up blubbering in front of those were there.  I was especially deeply moved by the fact that there is no translation of the Bible in any language of the various peoples of Tibet – none.

If you are young and looking for some way to make an impact in the Kingdom of God – I say go to Tibet, pick a people group and spend the rest of your life getting them a translation of the Bible, even if it is just the New Testament – this is the work of the Kingdom – to bring light to the lost – to be a light in the darkness – and Tibet is a dark dark pace desperately in need of the light and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Who has heard the voice of the Lord and whom shall he send??!  Will you go?  Go now!

Be Blessed.


5 responses to “still here

  1. To be sure, there is a country/region called Tibet and it is in the southern mountianous region of Northern Asia where the Tibetian people live (one of some 25 minority groups officially recognized by the Chinese government). There are not a few Christian missions groups that have workers throughout Northern Asia – few are there offically as missionaries and more are there as teachers or business people and so on.

  2. Brian, you make it sound easy to “go to Tibet, pick a people group and spend the rest of your life getting them a translation of the Bible”. But it isn’t. There are plenty of people trying to do this, to get access to the peoples of this region. There are almost certainly some people already doing the work, perhaps under cover while officially doing language and literacy work, for example. But of course the authorities don’t make it easy. The shortage is not of people willing to just get up and go, certainly not without proper links with sending agencies as your proposal could be understood as implying. What is needed to get this job done includes funding but is probably most fundamentally the prayer which can lead to a breakthrough in access to the region.

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