got my WTS books

My books came from the order I got as part of the WTS Certificate I received.  They actually were at the UPS office here at the Canyon Friday, but we’re so buried in snow the offices were closed and such – so I finally got them this morning!   I got John Sailhammer’s one separately but wanted to add it to the photo.  I must have not been paying attention, I thought it might be a couple hundred page book.  Nope, it’s over 600 pages! (My guess is it’s a combo of his other two books with maybe some updates, probably not much new from him, but that’s just a guess since I haven’t read much of his stuff before).  Since I purchased these (except one) I may or may not provide reviews – though perhaps I’ll comment on them now and again.

See Eric’s blog post for a plug on John Sailhammer’s book Meaning of the Pentetuch.