aGts 2010 Spring Lectureship

The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary has announced  that Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright will be the guest speaker for the 2010 Spring Lectureship Series, January 19-21.  Dr. Wright is the international director of the Langham Partnership International. He also serves as chair of the Lausanne Committee’s Theology Working Group and chair of the Theological Resource Panel of TEAR Fund, a leading Christian relief and development charity. He has written several books, including Living as the People of God (An Eye for an Eye in the US), The Mission of God, and The God I Don’t Understand

Past Lectureship speakers have been Gary Collins, Stanley Grenz, Craig Keener, Sherwood Lingenfelter, among others!   Should be a great week!


3 responses to “aGts 2010 Spring Lectureship

  1. Do you by chance now where to get hold of some of Keeners sermons and teachings? He is certainly one of my favourites.

    Will check out Dr. Wright also.

    God bless.

  2. Thanks Brian. I already got these. Actually, listen to these while I was on holiday this summer, made my mind up, Keener is one of my favourites. So humble, honest and full off passion the Word of God, and wow, what amount of knowledge this man has. Amazing. Truly a gift from God.

    So – if anyone else, have other links with his sermons, please share 😉

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