pretty good Biblical Studies deals on CBD (updated)

Christian Book Distributers has some pretty good deals in their academic section.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Zondervan’s 5 volume Encylopedia of the Bible recently updated by Moises Silva, originally edited by Merrill Tenney.    I have the original set and to tell you the truth, I have found it to be a surprisingly useful and beneficial resource.  Really.   It’s evn helped me gather som info I wasnt getting from the IVP Black Dictionary set.   If I can I’ll want to get the updated set and the deal at CBD at the moment is a pretty good one. 

The Ante-Nicene Fathers (10Vol).  This seems like a pretty ood deal if you are into Patristics.  And the reviews all speak positively of the set. 

The 3volume Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament – whileit may seem a bit dated, I hardly think it is not too useful and certainly something you might want to thinkabout getting, especially at te price its being offered. 

Updated: Zondervan’s 5 Volume Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, Old Testament (Zondervan, 2009) – this price looks like a steal…

Well, these were the ones that caught my eye anyways.

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