Book Review on the Holy Spirit

Daniel Thompson put up a review of a book on the Holy Spirit by Professor Lois Malcom of Luther Seminary.   It looks like it is a really good book and one everyone will want to check out – it is not written from a Pentecostal perspective so you won’t have to worry about any poor exegesis or bait and switching.  It looks to be more of a biblical theology of the Holy Spirit.  Here’s an excerpt of the review:

She opens her book with these words: “Every year, when I teach the Holy Spirit course for seniors at Luther Seminary, I begin by asking these two questions: Who is the Holy Spirit? Have you experienced the Spirit in your life and in the world around you? As my students try to respond, they often draw a blank.”

I teach in a Pentecostal school, an undergraduate college. It has a long tradition as being “Pentecostal.” Yet, when I teach on the power of the Spirit, I often meet the same blank stares. We are ALL in need of learning.

Aren’t we all?   Then he observes:

One of the hang-ups younger people in Charismatic and Pentecostal circles have with “classical” Pentecostalism is speaking in tongues.  Let us dispense with this straw man argument.  Let us get to the real point: Is the Holy Spirit truly active in your life today?  This is the fundamental question for Dr. Malcolm, and this should be the fundamental question for every Trinitarian believer.  As a Pentecostal, this question should be primary in our church doctrine and practice.

Sadly, I am not too sure the Holy Spirit is terribly active in people’s lives or if they really allow him to be.  And why is this?  My guess is because of a lack of education and a fear of becoming a wierdo, as most people tend to think Pentecostals are.  Well, I mean, I know I am a wierdo, but not sure if its because of being Pentecostal or maybe I hit my head too hard once or something.  😉 

Anyways, go over and give a read and talk with Daniel about the book!

12 responses to “Book Review on the Holy Spirit

  1. “so you won’t have to worry about any poor exegesis or bait and switching. ”

    Not a very charitable comment, broadbrushing all Pentecostals like that. Could you give an example of how Gordon Fee “baits and switches?”

  2. My good friend attends Luther (just down the road from me) so I’ll be sure to point him to this class and book! I wonder if she teaches at North Central? it’s the only “Pentecostal” undergraduate school I can think of in the Twin Cities.

      • Ah yes, now I catch it; it was your review and Brian was reposting it. I was thinking she was saying “I teach at a Pentecostal school.”

        On a similar note have you heard of the new book out by John Levison “Filled With the Spirit?” It’s a rather substantive book on the Spirit in Scriptures and surrounding thought. I received an unsolicited review copy so I can’t get to it for a bit but it looks great.

  3. Hi David. Thanks for commenting and sharing about your book. Might I be able to porcure a review opy gratis and review it here on my blog? If not, that’s fine, I’ll understand. ps. my younger brother lives in Newport Beach, right up near the Hoag Hosptial. we love visitng when we get the chance!

  4. “it is not written from a Pentecostal perspective so you won’t have to worry about any poor exegesis or bait and switching.”

    Ha ha! I actually laughed out loud… thank you for that.

    I attended North Central for a year before heading to another school… there were some nice professors… I will love Buzz for life 🙂

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