On the Book of Genesis

Nick has a post on the misery he endured waiting for a cooking show – he had to sit through a series of videos from Answers in Genesis.  Having been influenced in reading John Anderson’s blog, I personally have come to decide I do not hold to a strict literalist approach to the creation narrative – but rather instead am in process of coming to hold to a literary/theological approach to the creation narrative and to much of the Old Testament in general (and fully understanding what that means).   While it’s obvious the creation was a historical event, I cannot say how long it took – and I don’t think that is the purpose or intent of creation narrative.   Instead, I think it highlights the power of YHWH over creation and over the nations, that he is Most High God over all other supposed gods.  I also think it seeks to emphasize the covenant God has with his people and how that came about – what its implications are and how its to be carried out.  Well, my thinking and understanding of these issues are still in process.