NT Scholar Quote of the Day

In his interview with John Anderson, Richard Hays, said:

First of all, the NT is best studied in a community of prayer, worship, and service, where it is taken not merely as a museum piece but as a living word that calls us to account. 

This is it!  And probably, the WHOLE BIBLE is to be studied and lived out in community with one’s fellow believers (not in isolation)!   It is the Living Word of God and as Hays, says, it calls us to account.   I know it does for me, does it for you? 

Head on over and read the whole interview – it’s good good stuff.

The Art of….Life

For Christmas we (my wife and I) received an Amazon gift card.  You can easily imagine I wanted to get some massive academic book on the Bible or Theology, but instead, due to my need to grow in my ability to connect with people, both in life and as a pastor, I chose to check out a book called The Art of Connecting: How to Overcome Differences, Build Rapport, and Communicate Effectively with Anyone  (AMACOM, 2006).  This is not a Christian book but one intended for the business world.  However, the things learned in it can easily be applied to many different situations, especially pastoring.  Pastors need to be able to connect with the people in their congregations, both on the whole, and one-on-one.  More introverted, introspective pastors such as myself need help in that area. 

But that is not the point of this post.  What I wanted to note is the title: The Art of….  I have noticed there are lots of books with that title in them.  But it has caused me, one who can tend to over focus on the task and forget the relationships, that life and the things we do in life are not always or necessarily done in a step by step, scientific matter.   Sometimes too, things are done in a more intuitive sense, as in, there is an art to it.   There is an art to relating to others.  There is an art to how we read the Bible.  There is an art to how we do grammatical diagrams even, and so on.

For example, while there are certain steps and a certain “science” to the preaching task, preaching is also requires a certain intuition, thus probably more than being a science per se, Preaching is an Art.  But then aren’t most things in life

So I am learning that in many ways, life, pastoring, following Jesus, and on and on, is an art!