Pray for Haiti (updated)

Man, a 7.0 earthquake, I can’t even begin to imagine the level of destruction there is in Port-au-Prince, the capital.  Haiti is already devastatingly poor with very poor construction and a chaotic political situation.  Based on the latest reports, of some 500,000 people dead, many still buired and on and on, I wonder, is Haiti, for all intents purposes, completely destroyed? One person said, “this is Katrina.”  I say, Katrina seemed a walk in the park compared to this.  Pray for the recovery process, intercede before the Lord on their behalf.   Convoy of Hope is a good group to give to among others – to help with aid and recovery.  Do pray, it’s far far worse than we can possibly imagine, and a logistical mess.   The Port-au-price harbor is closed due to damage, the airport is quickly becoming overwhelmed and on, and on, and on.

Gordon Fee interview on Galatians

Nijay Gupta interviewed Gordon Fee in his recent commentary on Galatians in the Pentecostal Commentary series (not sure exactly how Pentecostal it is – it would hve been interesting to see a question about this).   As he notes, when one is 75 years old, and has been teaching on the book of Galatians in various settings over the last 40 years, it doesn’t take much to put something together, no?   And oooh, he’s finished up a work on the Revelation!  Won’t that be something?  I look forward too, to his updated work on 1 Corinthians, (no exegetical changes, just the notes and interacting with 25 years of comments on his work).   Looks like a good combo would be Fee and F.F. Bruce on Galatians!