Pentecostalism quote of the day

There are a couple of posts up regarding the question of what can emergents and Pentecostals learn from each other and it started with Tony Jones who will be presenting a paper on this topic at the upcoming Society for Pentecostal Studies meeting.   I don’t really know that much about the emergent movement, but I think know a few things about Pentecostals.  You should consider checking out the comment thread to learn some interesting things about what Pentecostals tend to believe (in a general sense).  Here is one quote that I thought captures a good sense of how Pentecostal see things (in general):

Pentecostals appreciate the importance of recognizing that not everything has a rational/logical explanation and perhaps there ARE other forces at work and perhaps followers of Jesus can change things through prayer.

To me, this really captures the heart of how Pentecostals see things in relation to the Christian’s faith life and practice.  This is true, we don’t always see things necessarily as having rational or logical explanations – I mean is it always logical to be one who gives their life working to help the poor, oppressed, displaced?  Also, while some may be too quick to see demons around every corner – Pentecostals in general tend to be more open to the possibility that not every situation has a psychological or social explanation either – there are spiritual forces of darkness at work and the devil did come to steal, kill, and destroy.  I would readily assert that such things as drug abuse, sexual perversion, abortions, and even divorce, and anger in the heart of many men are all influenced demonically in one way or anther even though we could probably try to find some psychological or social explanation for such things.

And definitely, we believe prayer changes things – for the prayer of a righteous person avails much!

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