on the superbowl and church

we won’t be canceling our sunday night service for the superbowl nor will we incorporate it in any way – we will have church as regularly planned and worship God!

shame on those churches who are canceling for the superbowl.

that said…. we also are not on the east coast, so likely the game will have been played and maybe done already if not nearly done by the time church starts anyways….

Go Saints!


9 responses to “on the superbowl and church

  1. What’s wrong with engage the culture and having a Super Bowl party? Many churches have incorporated this into their Sunday evening services (for churches that have Sunday services, many don’t for a variety of reasons.). I think being flexible and interacting with the culture on something like this is an opportunity to build bridges, rather than slam the door shut.

    Also, which churches are “canceling” their Sunday service for the SB? If you know of one, fine. But is it widespread? No, I don’t think so. On the contrary, many are using this event as an opportunity to fellowship and build bridges with people in the community.

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