The Greek New Testament

Which copy do  you use most and or read?  UBS 4 or the Nestle Aland?  Why?  I realize both have value, but which do you use and which do you prefer and why?  (I have both a UBS 4 ed and a Nestle Aland 27 ed).



9 responses to “The Greek New Testament

  1. I actually find that I use Zondervan’s Reader’s Greek New Testament most often. I believe that it has some small differences with the NA/UBS text. Although, when I’m not using that, I usually use the NA27. Why? Just because I have it.

  2. I have a nice leather bound NA27, esp. for the critical apparatus. And then, A Reader’s Greek New Testament1st ed., the eclectic text that underlies the NIV, for quick reading.

  3. Unless I’m doing serious exegesis and really trying to construct a text, I stick to my UBS4. I find the font much easier to read and the variations they do quote often reach into the Fathers so I enjoy that.

  4. I use NA27 because it was given to me as a Student by the Bible society (every Greek student is given a copy of the Greek NT by the BS here in Australia).

    I was also given a Readers Greek NT and really like using it. It is a lot easier on the eyes and has rare words translated at the bottom. Mine is the 2nd edition which forms the base of the TNIV.

  5. Mark, I have the first edition of the Readers GNT and I haven’t been fond of the italicized font. Though it is helpful for the 50 times or less words.

    To all: They say the UBS is the translators Bible and the NA is the scholars Bible – is the difference really that great?

    • Brian,

      Given that they draw from the same text pool and follow the same rules and have really, the same primary text, the biggest difference really is in two things.

      1) The footnotes – in the NA27 you will be given more variants but less sources cited and the variants will have more exegetical and theological significance, in the UBS4, ever so slightly less variants, but will show a greater breadth of sources including how it was used in sermons and commentaries by church fathers.

      2) On the side margins of my NA27, there are a great deal of references to other Scriptural works there referenced, so that is quite helpful.

      In my opinion, the font in neither is that attractive. The UBS3 actually has a pretty swell font so if reading is what you’re looking for I might go with the NA27 as the font is not italicized, though it is smaller and tighter or the UBS3.

      Of the two, the NA is really “the scholars” bible, there’s no doubt about it.

  6. Whatever is closest. I don’t have a straight NA27 (the two I have are in diglots) but I do have a straight UBS4. I don’t know which I use more since it all depends on what I have on my desk. If I carry one to church then it’s always an NA27 because they’re attached to English translations.

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