Grace and Truth

came through Jesus Christ it says in John 1:17 (v.14 reads he was “full of grace and truth).   I am reading through the Gospel of John in my Greek NT.  I am reading in my UBS edition since it has the section breaks so I read from section to section.  In reading the prologue there is much to think about and reflect on.

I am thankful Jesus came into the world in “grace and truth” or that “grace and truth” came through Jesus.  It seems necessary that grace and truth go together though John seems to contrast this with Moses and the Law.  Not that Moses wasn’t a gracious person, but I am inclined to think the Law wasn’t that gracious.  The Law just showed us the truth but not always in a gracious way – Keener suggests God’s presentation of the Law at Sinai had elments of grace and truth but that it was incomplete – the fullness of that grace and truth came in and through Jesus Christ.

But anyways, it is good that John coupled grace with truth – for often truth is easer to receive when offered with a seasoning of grace (and mercy too).  Jesus is the full embodiment of the Father and exemplifes his character of one who is humble and gentle of heart – one who we know we can go to and receive from because he is “full of grace and truth.”

what say you?