a book on Jesus

I am thinking of getting is Ken Bailey’s Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels (IVP, 2008).  Seems like an interesting book – most of the comments rave about it on Amazon – except one – this guy seems to think Bailey is way off on stuff.  And says there is no evidence for half the stuff he talks about, especially in the Prodigal Son.   I know I cannot go off what one person says, but wanted to see if there were others who don’t advise if before proceeding.  Is there any reason I should not consider this purchase?  Thanks

5 responses to “a book on Jesus

  1. Brian, I have Ken’s book on the Prodigal Son and it has changed my view of parables among other thing. His books are deep but written to the lay person. You will enjoy it, I promise you.

  2. well, I am a little more than a “layperson” but I imagine it has benefits! Is it just on parables or other aspects of the gospels too? I have Snodgrass’ Stories with intent – how might they compare?

    • I really wasn’t trying to say you weren’t, Brian.

      I believe that he is really focused on the parables for much of his work, at least what I have read, but deals with other situations as well. Never read Snodgrass.

      • Okay, I didn’t mean to come back at you like that – thanks though for the input I think I will save Bailey for another purchase – I found a really good deal on another “book” I will let you all know about when my purchase is done – I appreciate you interacting with me!

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