good deal on the Prophetic books

at WTS Bookstore with one possible negative – it’s a 3 volumes in 1 deal – some may not like that but hey, it is on SALE at less than half the list price and half the price at Amazon!  What is it you ask??!!

It is a commentary edition on the Minor Prophets as edited by Thomas McComiskey that is both exegetical and expository!   So the possible negative is that being at some 1400 pages in one volume the middle margins may be too close and make it hard to read – BUT…. buying each of the volumes on an individual basis?  Much much more than the sale price offered through WTS which is a mere $28.00!!  It is normally $70!!  So what to do, what to do?  GET IT!! I mean with scholars like F.F. Bruce, Bruce Waltke, J. Alec Moyter, Jeff Niehaus, even a.. shhhh! a woman, Joyce Baldwin and Doug Stuart.  I mean how could you NOT get this deal?  I know it will probably lean a bit on the conservative reformed side, but come on man!

So, what is my suggestion?  DO IT!    😉


4 responses to “good deal on the Prophetic books

  1. I’ll second your recommendation that readers take advantage of this deal. I’ve owned and used the volume in question for about a year with great profit.

  2. I thought about getting this one with my WTS payout. But I had other things I needed to acquire first, so it’s (unfortunately) going to have to wait.

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