it’s official!

We are now officially candidate missionaries with Assemblies of God US Missions!  This means that we have been approved to begin the itineration process for raising financial support and awareness of the ministry here at the Grand Canyon National Park.  We have been working on this process for nearly a year so we are glad the approval has finally come though.  in many ways it is something that’s been two years in the waiting.   I haven’t said much if anything about it on my blog as it’s been a challenging process of ups and downs and so I did not want to cause any speculations or make too big an issue of it but now that our approval has gone through – that is a big deal so i am willing now to mention it!  whew!  and all praise belongs to God!

We’ll be with the Intercultural Ministries department because much of our work here is more or less direct cross cultural work with students from much of Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa, in addition to the few Navajo we have in our congregation.

We’re “candidate missionaries” until we raise at least 100% of our budget as set by our department.  Once we raise our support and gain final approval we’ll then become fully appointed missionaries with the Assemblies of God US Missions.  (sort of like being a PhD candidate until you write your dissertation, defend it and get it approved, etc).

Now we spend the rest of the week (Mar 12-20) here in Springfield, MO (headquarters of the US Assemblies of God) for a week of orientation learning the ins and outs of AG US Missions and the itineration/fundrasing process and building support for the ministry!


8 responses to “it’s official!

  1. Congratulations!

    My wife and I are visiting the USA this summer (you first read it publicly here) and hope to visit the Grand Canyon on our trip. So maybe we can meet up with you and give you some tips on cross-cultural work with Brits and Italians.

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